My new muscade Paddy got here today!

  1. I got my muscade Chloé Paddington this morning! I ordered it from Net-A-Porter just yesterday.
    My heart was racing as I opened the box! I must say, I love this bag! She's coming everywhere with me. The leather feels gorgeous. :smile:
    Since taking the paddy out today I've realised how much I'm going to have to take care of it. Can anyone give me any tips on how to take care of the leather?
    I'm impressed with the amount it can carry, but because it's slouchy it's versatile. In short; I :heart: it. Really pleased.

    Now for pics. The first was taken with flash- the other three provide more accurate representations of the colour. (Sorry about the watermarks, btw.:sad:) If you want to see any more pics of it you'll have to wait until tomorrow because my camera is out of battery!
    flash.jpg Insideofpaddy.jpg paddyfromabove.jpg Sideofpaddy.jpg
  2. nice paddy UNA! congrats!!
  3. Congratulations!! This bag i really gorgeous!!! The leather is very smooshy!!I have the same (but "baby") and I'm so happy of my choice :love:!! This colour is wonderful and goes with everything!!! Great purchase!!
    So, enjoy it!! :dothewave::dothewave:
  4. Ooooh! I love it when someone gets a Muscade! I got mine only very recently, from a lovely PFer. I absolutely ADORE it and, I can tell you una, you will love this colour more as time passes! :yahoo:

    The 07 leather is really good on the Muscade too, from the ones I've seen :yes:
  5. LOVE it!!!
  6. Lovely bag Una! I have the exact same one from NAP just last week! BEAUTIFUL!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. Yeah! Let's start a club for Muscade-owning Brits.

    We could call it:

    Brits Using Muscade


  8. I am rather proud of that little flurry of creativity, so have decided to adopt BUM as my new sig line...
  9. Very pretty! Congrats! :nuts:
  10. Great bag, lovely color tooo... Congrats!!!!!!
  11. GORGEOUS!!:heart: :heart: :yahoo: i can't wati to get my muscade paddy!!!
    can i be in the muscade club (even tho i'm from aust.:sad: )
  12. erdeva, you want to be a BUM? :lol:
  13. YOWZA! It's gorgeous! Congratulations!
  14. Congratulations.
  15. What a gorgeous bag! I really love muscade, I think it may be my next purchase....

    I think alot of the 07 leather is good, my galet has such gorgeous smooshy pebbly leather, my friend who owns an 05 even said it was awesome!