My new multipocket!

  1. Here are some pics of the maroon multipocket I picked up on Monday at NM! I've been wanting a bag like this since I discovered the MJ silver pushlocks years ago.

    Gorgeous. Love the red suede interior. Do MJ purses not come with a verification card? I only have one about the leather variability.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I cannot see the pics, but I have this same bag! It is gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. very pretty!
    how heavy is it? are MP heavy as venetias?
  4. Congrats!!! AMAZING COLOR!!!
  5. mj does not have auth cards like prada so dun eorry abt it niot coming with one.

    i LOVE the color :drool: what an awesome find!!!

  6. It isn't heavy, but I travel fairly light - only heavy things I carry are a wallet and my digital camera.
  7. Congratulations! You chose such a beautiful color!
  8. ***GASP*** !!!!! It's gorgeous!!!! I love I love!!!!!! Looks great on you...great color!!!! I swear every bag I'v looked at today I've fallen in love with..Must be Valentine's Day!!! Congrats!!! :heart: Emmy
  9. Very pretty! Congrats. I hope to own a multi-pocket some day. They look so practical and stylish at the same time.
  10. Pretty color!! Congrats! MP is definitely a great style bag!
  11. Pretty color! Matches your shirt perfectly ;) . Enjoy your new multipocket!
  12. Congrats! The purse is really gorgeous! Enjoy~!
  13. It looks so nice on you--great choice. Lovely color, too!
  14. GORGEOUS. I love the color!
  15. Cute. Congrats & enjoy.
    I really like your outfit. If you don't mind me asking, can you tell me more about your dress? =)