My new multicolor bracelet!! It´s a beauty!

  1. Just got this today from the lovely Rebeccalou28:love: It is simply divine and I´m not even kidding:lol:
    Kuva 504.jpg Kuva 505.jpg Kuva 506.jpg Kuva 507.jpg Kuva 508.jpg Kuva 509.jpg Kuva 510.jpg
  2. Very nice, congrats ! :yes:
  3. It's cute. I love the lock! Congrats
  4. Very pretty:love: :love: congrats on your new conquest!
  5. LOVE IT!!!:nuts: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  6. White MC has never looked soo hot. ;)
  7. Thank you girls and guy:flowers: I love it, it´s so perky:lol:
  8. Aaaaw it's wonderful! And Rebeccalou28 is a great seller... I check her auctions five times a day :lol::shame:
  9. enjoy your new MC bracelet :smile:
  10. Yes she gives excellent customerservice:yes: The item was packed flawlessly too. And I do too:shame: Even though I shouldn´t buy anything!
  11. Congrats!
    Very gorgeous, especially on you, Nola!
  12. Very nice, Nola!! Enjoy!
  13. I got my black MC Alma from her and it turned out great, even better then I expected :yahoo:

    Same here :shame: I just had to pay for my 1st semester at university and that definitely wasn't a deal :cursing: But she has a wonderful Sonatine and a Pochette Croissant at the moment. And I want both :lol:
  14. That's so pretty! :girlsigh:
  15. cute, congrats!