My new mulberry's and sale question

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  1. image-1968467032.jpg

    Alexa, Iphone case and make up pouch! :smile:

    When will be the sale? I ask this because I want to reserve money for it. Maybe want to buy à colored mulberry.
  2. image-3380576501.jpg

    Another vieuw!
  3. Wow, three amazing items. I adore your pouch! The leather on the Alexa looks yummy :loveeyes: Congrats!

    I think the sale starts on Christmas Eve. December 24, but I could be wrong..
  4. Lovely items, especially the Alexa. Nice LV's too :smile:

    The next sale is at Xmas time.
  5. Oh, and please do mod pics! :woohoo:
  6. Lovely group, Chrissie! I love Alexas and the pouch is a wonderful pop of colour! Congratulations :biggrin:
  7. Thanks ladies!! The leather is yummy indeed:smile: i only have started just recently buying leather bags, coming from LV.
    Thats why you also see Lv, I was taking all my bags out of the dustbags, I do that once in à while( mad:P)
  8. Chrissie what a lovely little Mulberry family....many congratulations!....
  9. Lovely! And I do love the pink and flame together!
  10. Very nice items, and love your Alexa! Congrats!
  11. Fab purchases well done i love them all.;)
  12. Lovely! Love that Grey LV in the background too :biggrin:
  13. Great choices, I have just jumped ship from LV too., Mulberry bags are a welcome change !:yahoo:
  14. Lovely items sale starts just before Xmas my wardrobe usually a day or so before mulberry great LV's I just bought another! Its nice to try out different makes
  15. Lovely Mulbery family, Chrissie! The leather on your Alexa looks amazing and love the pop of colours too. Enjoy using them all :heart: