My new Mulberry.

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  1. I'm terribly anti-social and don't usually do reveal threads and all that jazz but here are my lovely new purchases, am thrilled to bits. Managed to get something big, shiny and ON SALE!

    Roxanne Vinyl Tote in Navy
    Pink Bunny Keyring
    Bronze (looks brown in my crap pics) hanging letter
    Red Leopard Keyring (birthday pressie for a friend)

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  2. Oooooo nice n shiney Orkney, Modelling pics????
  3. Wonderful new things - I particularly like your heart keyring.
  4. Love your purchases. I thought they had stopped doing the letters now though. Did you get it on sale? Enjoy your new stuff X
  5. I love the heart keyring too. I'd love one of those in red.

    Very shiny & bright, I saw that bag at SM & it's a lovely colour. You could get the kids in there!
  6. Fabulous purchases, Daisy. Loving the Roxanne tote. Hope you got it for a great price :tup:
  7. Oh I can't remember the last time you got a new Mulberry - congrats, its beautiful and I can just picture it on you.
  8. The roxy tote looks really nice! might have to check it out again on the website :graucho:
    Congrats on a great haul!!
  9. OOh very nice!! From what you have mentioned about your style I think it will suit you down to a tee! Love the keyrings too, very cute!
  10. riff; may do modelling pics if I can convice OH to play cameraman
    jenova; i love the heart too but it's not for me!
    coco; all on sale, found a random J in a bunch of T's and Z's
    sj; i already tried and can only get 1 kid in!
    dita; of course I did!

    thanks everyone x
  11. Sorry - read it wrong - can't you get yourself a heart too?
  12. Fabulous daisy!!! i'd love to see modelling pics! Does that mean something bag-shaped, big, shiny and brightly coloured and on sale is now off your wish list!!!!????
  13. :tup::tup::tup:

    I love it, I think that its fab !!

    Would love to see some modelling pictures xx
  14. ali; thanks, last mulberry was my birthday in july, usually get something every 6 months

    saloan, thanks, love starting a trend!!!

    hulahoop, thanks so much, been wanting one of these for months!! Also like the patent bays, but its just not meant to be.

    jenova, it was the last one they had! Its lovely but I'm happy enough with my hanging letters, have managed to pick up red and bronze J's and my pink bunny keyring, which is very me. If you knew my friend you'd say the leopard heart is very her! I've turned her into a mulberry addict too and I want to get her something nice.

    Jo, yes thats the wishlist done! This bag will be great for the kids as its sticky fingers friendly and for big enough for the plane on holidays, going shopping etc.

    thanks tara, will do my best! x
  15. Loving the navy Roxy ,it's such a "you" bag. You made a good choice !!!!
    Cute keyrings too .