My New Mulberry Roxanne

  1. It was due to arrive yesterday but didn't, annoyed that I had stayed in all day I called Mulberry's courier company and they couldn't find the package!!! Went to bed really worried and woke up this morning to someone buzzing my flat incessantly - it had been found and delivered!

    So here are pics of my new baby!
    roxanne 1.JPG roxanne 2.JPG roxanne 3.JPG
  2. She's lovely! Congrats.
  3. Gorgeous!!!! :nuts: I *love* the color! So envious of your Mulberry scored a great deal on this one.
  4. Gorgeous congrats!
  5. Wow! I love the colour of that Mulberry!! :yes:
    Great buy!!!!
  6. She's a beauty!! Enjoy!
  7. Lovely!
    Do the bags at the outlet store tend to be just discontinued /old colours of bags or do they have current bags discounted too (or would they be seconds)? I'll be going to York end of may so hoping I can grab a bargain from the outlet there.Thanks!
  8. flyvetjo, I think they do get some current season / classic colours in but am not entirely sure as I have always spoken to them on the phone. Sarajane might know though... she lives nearby (lucky sod) and she seems, quite rightly, to spend a fair bit of time there! :smile:
  9. Thanks! I'll just see what they've got in when i'm there and maybe ask them to give me a call if they get the bag I want (chocolate bayswater:heart: )
  10. Congrats, it's beautiful! Love the colour, so fresh and summery!
  11. Congrats and Enjoy!!!!!!

  12. I live in York and it has some amazing bags! Last week it had a black roxanne for £416.00 and a black rosemary for £346.00. They also had an oak annie for £416.00!

    It also had bayswaters in most colours - if you phone up beforehand and let them know what you want they will keep a look out for you and put you in their book!:smile:
  13. Congrats on your roxanne ... I just love that bag! Perfect color for the summer! Enjoy!
  14. That is absolutely gorgeous :drool: :yahoo: Im so jealous! Love the colour :heart: :heart:
  15. That green color is stunning! Goregeous bag!