My New Mulberry Purchase!!!!!!

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  1. hey!!!!

    im actually new to the purse forum, and by seeing all you guys to fabulous reviews, i wanted to do one to! so today, im going to be sharing with you guys my new...are you ready...MULBERRY ALEXA SATCHEL IN OAK! woohoo! i have been seriously eyeing this bag for years! and i finally just told myself to buy it! so, i bought this bag from my best friends...friend who sells preloved mulberry bags. when she told me she had the alexa satchel in oak i freaked out! i was sooo excited! i just ordered it today, so it is still in the process of being shipping and all that...but i couldn't wait! so im just going to show the you pre-shipment pictures she sent me! enjoy is beauty!! i think everything looks good! looks like it is in mint condition! tell me what you think! :smile:

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  2. Perfect condition, i can feel your excitement and that made me very happy too :biggrin:

    Do the reveal (with mod pic!) and share the joy when she arrives...

  3. thanks girl!!! i will defs post mod shots!!!
  4. Lovely! I can feel your excitement too :biggrin:
  5. Ooh she's pretty! Lovely condition too. Congratulations!
  6. Absolutely gorgeous vivian619, oak alexa is such a classic!
  7. Fab bag !
  8. Such a great bag, congrats!
  9. Congrats and welcome :smile:
  10. Oh my! What a beautiful bag.....Well worth the wait.

    I wish I was friends' with your best friend friend who sells preloved Mulberry bags:biggrin:
  11. thanks guys! will definatley post lots of pics when i get her! :biggrin: