My new Mulberry Oak Alexa

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  1. Now that they're being discontinued and the colour I wanted is included in the sale, I just had go get it. (Threw out my "one purse a year limit")


    Hopefully the stamped croc Bayswater (old style) will be included in next year's sale.

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  2. Its beautiful, you must be so pleased with it. I am waiting for the UK sale to start, so that I can make the very same purchase!
  3. Gorgeous! I need one.
  4. You should ask Moo to move this to the main forum for you, more people will read your thread there
  5. She's beautiful. Classic oak too, can't go wrong. Congrats on your new alexa :smile:
  6. Ohhh.. opps. My bad. My 1st time posting using the app....

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  7. what a gorgeous colour - congrats
  8. Thank you all :smile:

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  9. Gorgeous oak lexy, congratulations!

  10. Oak and Alexa are great together, congrats and enjoy:smile:
  11. She is a beauty! Congrats!
  12. Beautiful! I can't believe such a lovely, classic bag is in the sale :o
  13. She's beautiful and always a classic! :smile:
  14. oh! it's wonderful!:balloon: congrats! hope it will be still ava when UK sale start in June
  15. Lovely x