My new Mulberry crush!


Bag lady
Apr 17, 2007
I was checking out the new early collection on the Mulberry website last night and there's a GORGEOUS bag called a Wilton in PURPLE :love:

Does anyone know when the new Mulberry stuff will be in the shops so I can go visit it in person?! :graucho: I fear it might be too heavy for me...I know big is in at the moment but Mulberry bags tend to be quite heavy and I can't carry heavy shoulder bags (I have a problem with the nerves in my shoulders and pressure there makes my arm and hand hurt :crybaby:) but it is so, so beautiful *sigh* that it definitely deserves research...

Small detail I also can't afford it, but I'm sure I could find a way around that!!!


Mar 1, 2006
Beautiful, the Wilton in purple looks really nice in the early autumn catalogue! I checked in my local Mulberry store last week, and they already had a few of the early autumn bags. I fell in love with the small Smithfield in natural snakeskin :heart: and they had different colours & sizes, both snakeskin and darwin. I think I saw the Somerset satchel & tote in different colours as well. They get bags every week, so the Wilton may well be out in the stores by now.