My new Mulberry Bayswater

  1. Thanks everyone who vote in my previous Mulberry thread. Here is my bag :yahoo: . However, I have another question which some of the Mulberry experts might know the answer to it.

    I went to Selfridges tonight and saw the Chocolate Bayswater. However, the colour of the plate / buckle is different from mine. It is copper colour, darker than the one that I have. If you go to, you can see that copper colour on the Chocolate Piccadilly (large version of Bayswater). I asked the SA why is that, she said Mulberry sometimes uses darker shade plate and sometimes lighter. Is that true?
    IMG_5376.JPG IMG_5377.JPG
  2. Beautiful, beautiful bag, Londoner. I know you will enjoy. You will feel so chic and stylish with this bag. I don't know the answer to your question --. I guess there are just variations in manufacturing and availability of plates and buckles.
  3. Gorgeous bag! Congratulations and enjoy:woohoo:
  4. Congratulations I really, really like this bag.
    Is there a way you can take some modelling pics!
  5. Gorgeous bag! Congratulations !!!
  6. Wonderful bag Londoner, enjoy it. is it very heavy?
  7. I only try the bag when it is emptied, it is light. As there is not much hardware on it, shouldn't be heavy
  8. Fraid I dont know the answer to your question londonder, but just wanted to say, I :heart: :heart: :heart: the bag!

  9. Beautiful Bag! Congrats!
  10. My Bayswater is from 2 years ago and it has a lighter shade brass hardware.
  11. That's a gorgeus bag!!! Gongrats!
  12. What a great choice - I hope you love wearing her.

    In answer to your question, I am afraid I don't know. Maybe someone here will though. If it is really niggling at you (I can identify with that), why not write to Mulberry directly so you don't have a nagging question tainting your wonderful purchase?
  13. Hi - congratulations on your new bag. I think I can help with your question about the hardware. Yes, sometimes a bag will have darker hardware than others. I've a number of Mulberry bags including two from the same line, same season - just different colours. One has much lighter hardware than the other. I guess it's just a manufacturing quirk. Some of my bags have quite gold hardware and the others are much paler. I really wouldn't worry about it.
  14. Lovely bag - so jealous!!
  15. Gorgeous congratulations . There are variations in the hardware did you buy the handbags from Mulberry ?