My new Mulberries

  1. Got round to taking pics of my new bags. Love the Smithfield, been using this almost solidly since I got it 2 weeks ago.
    Know some of you aren't that keen on the shape or the colour but I think both are fantastic, I love that it only has a zip across the top and no damn buttons or locks which Mulberry seem oh so fond of.



    Both pics are taken with the flash on but the colour looks totally different in each one. AND it was 30% off, bargain!
  2. Also got this Rosemary, this was 50% off so talked myself into it. Still haven't used it yet but think I will once the weather improves and maybe we see the Sun again.

  3. I love the colour of both of them!!!
  4. Have to say the Smithfield looks so much better in your pics and the blue is fabulous!
  5. Great bags and great prices, you must be chuffed to bits....

    I will say though I still can`t see how they can call the rosemary Lavender???

    Its bloomin pinky-red although a very nice pinky red!!
  6. I absolutely love both of them!! The Rosemary will be great for spring and summer!! Smithfield is a very elegant looking bag!!!! That Rosemary is just great!! Lucky you!!!
  7. Couldn´t be that hard to talk oneself in to 50% off on the lovely Rosemary:p! It´s so cute and such a nice forecast of the spring coming:yahoo:!

    Congrats on both of your newbies!!!
  8. Gorgeous bags!!! I love the blue Smithfield, and of course I am a fan of the Lavender Rosemary cos I bought one myself :heart:

    Does the postman's lock on the Smithfield actually do anything, or is it just for decoration?
  9. Very beautiful bags. I love the navy Smithfield- it is very simple and elegant.
  10. Thanks everyone.
    I'm assuming the colour is Lavender since it's the same colour as goldfinchs and that's what she called it :p
    It is definitely a lot more pink than I thought it was originally.

    The lock on the Smithfield is functional, open that and there is a pouch there on the front.

    The leather on the Smithfield looks like it will take care of itself and it's been exposed to some pretty wet conditions already but i'm wondering if I should "Colonnil" the Rosemary. Think I will look out chaz' thread on the matter...
  11. If it helps, I colloniled mine :smile: Bit fiddly to do what with all the buckles and pockets and whatnot though!
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. Congrats on your bags- they look fantastic.
  14. congrats! they look very nice, i love the colours. u must be very happy.
  15. Really lovely colours! And what a score, Rosemary at 50% off, congrats!