My new Mouse Stam and Graphite Zip Clutch

  1. My Mouse Stam from arrived today! :biggrin: I LOVE it! :heart: The color is so much better than I had even hoped. I snapped pics of it with my graphite zip clutch that I got last week for comparison purposes.
    Thanks again everyone for the help in trying to explain the color to me. I hope these pics will help anyone else wanting to know what mouse looks like - I shot them in daylight with no flash so I think they're pretty true.
    stam1 copy.jpg stam2 copy.jpg stam3 copy.jpg stam4 copy.jpg
  2. Bloemetje,

    Beautifullllll! Double congrats! =) Glad you love them both!
    Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.

  3. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  4. Those pictures are so great - they illustrate the color perfectly. It almost looks grey until you put it next to something actually grey and then you can really see the brown undertones.

    I held the Mouse side by side with my Cola Stam and they're almost the same color, except that the Mouse has a teeny bit more of a grey undertone than the Cola.

    I absolutely love yours - it's gorgeous - congrats and enjoy it!!
  5. Excellent pics! You are making me second guess my decision to go with a Black Stam vs. Mouse! You're right... excellent representation of the color in your pics. Congrats!
  6. congrats!! I love them both.
  7. gorgeous. We told you you would love it. I've never seen the zip clutch in graphite. Beautiful. I'm getting my mousse stam as soon as DH is not looking lol
  8. Beautiful - I love them both.
  9. Very nice, enjoy them!
  10. Great color....enjoy!
  11. very nice!
  12. I love that color! Great buys - congrats
  13. What a lovely bag! Congrats!
  14. Big Congrats!!! They are VERY beautiful!! enjoy :smile:
  15. Love, love, love both!!! Congrats! The Mouse Stam is gorgeous! Thanks for the colour comparison.