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  1. wow! i love amarante my fav.
  2. It's beautiful! That color is amazing!
  3. :girlsigh: that is lovely!
  4. luv it...I luv amarante
  5. I have the Brentwood in pomme, but I really really adore the amarante! I receive compliments on it all the time. A word of warning, if you put it on your shoulder beware of the buckle. It ruined a linen shirt of mine and since then it's been a hand held bag. Congrats on your gorgeous new LV!
  6. Oh! you took my breath away. Just gorgeous!
  7. Congrats! Amarante is such a great color and so versatile!
  8. Puuuuurrrrdddy! I just love love love the vernis line!
  9. Thanks everyone for the comments! I am still a little overwhelmed by her arrival. She is so shiny and new! I am still unsure when and where to wear her!! :girlsigh:

    MissMcCrocodile, thanks for the word of caution. What exactly does the buckle do though? :s
  10. that's gorgeous!
  11. I LVOE IT !!!
    Congrats its a beauty!!
  12. Congrats, I have this same one and love it!

    Also, with the buckle, it's because the straps can move the buckle down so that the little long piece you stick through the leather to adjust it can stick straight out. I'm always getting my hair caught on it.
  13. Ahhhh! thanks for the explaination :shame:

    When do you use yours? What outfits would suit her best? I am sure it would be a bit weird to wear her if I am dress really casually like denim shorts and a tee right? So what looks best with this bag?
  14. You're welcome!
    I wear mine just with sweaters or casual tops and jeans (or white/black pants). I really don't think there's any way this bag can look bad, it's more of a neutral color so it'll look pretty with most anything.