My New Mono Ribera

  1. I am so excited!!!
    My new Monogram Special Order Ribera!!! And my new Ellipse Sac a Dos!! (New to me!)
  2. Stunning! I am dying to know how much you love the Ellipse Sac a Dos... it is on my wish list, although not my immediate wish list!!
  3. Congrats! Love the Ribera!
  4. Oh my, both are great :heart: Lucky you :yes:
  5. Congrats !
  6. It's a BEAUTIFUL bag! CONGRATS!!! Great size too! I tried the damier MM at the store yesterday and was surprised at how the size is just right.:smile:
  7. Congrats Selena!! Two fab bags!!!! Enjoy!
  8. those are gorgeous - enjoy!
  9. congrat's
  10. The Ribera is LARGE I was surprised. Icannot imagine what the GM looks like! This one I think holds just as much as a Speedy 30. I will be using the Sac a dos for outtings withthe kids when I need to be hands free, zoo, field trips, themeparks ect.
    Thanks for all the compliments!
  11. Congrats!!!

    Your Ribera is a beauty :heart:
  12. I think you'll enjoy the Ribera much more than the Speedy,no sag,nice size,super cute style and very few will have that style in mono :graucho: .

    The Ribera GM is a whopper,my SA said it was used like a weekender or overnight bag.
    Enjoy you new loot :biggrin: .
  13. Thats what I thought when I went on ELUX and read the dimensions....holy cow that is a big momma!!
    Thanks again ;)
  14. Congrats! They're both beautiful bags!
  15. Congratulations, they are both gorgeous! Enjoy them!