My New Mono-Lin Saumur

  1. It's my birthday present :love:
    When I stepped into LV, I didn't know they've already launched this line, so I guess I didn't think too much, and just chose it!
    LV mono lin 005.jpg
  2. vey pretty and happy b-day! :biggrin:
  3. :nuts: Happy birthday:party: and congrats!!!:yahoo: Awww, it's gorgeous!!! I saw it last week and love it...can you please model it for us? It can be worn on shoulder and as a messenger right??? I'm glad someone got it!:P:flowers:
  4. Congratulations!!! It looks great! :P
  5. congrats- its so sweet
  6. lovely! :smile: congrats and happy bday!
  7. happy birthday! i think its a gorgeous bag
  8. Oh , it's gorgeous! And happy birthday!!!:party:
  9. Thanks!!
    I'm not too great at taking photos of myself, but I will try and post a visual aid sometime. The SA showed me how to loop the strap around twice to make it look like a shoulder bag, so there are 2 ways of wearing it :P
  10. It's so pretty! And Happy Birthday! :yahoo:
  11. Congrats and happy birthday to you! It's a beauty.
  12. It´s so gorgeous:yahoo: :heart: I love the saumur shape!
  13. Ooooh unique, you definitely don't see so many of these babies around ! Congrats ! :yes:
  14. Lovely bag and Happy Birthday :smile:
  15. Happy Birthday and Congratulations!! The bag looks beautiful!!