My new moni splendour

  1. I have drooling over moni moni bags and finally i bought the splendour in caramel!!

    I wanted the plum but that got sold so opted for the caramel...tho im thinkin about the getting the plum next!

    Anyway it arrived today so i thought i would post some pics of my new bag!! i really love it! its soo soft and smooshy! :heart: it!!
    bags 001.jpg bags 003.jpg bags 004.jpg bags 005.jpg
  2. Beautiful! I have one in olive and aren't they just the best?? :tup:
  3. congrats! :biggrin:
  4. It's gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. Totally! and cause it meant to be distressed, i dont have to worry about getting marks on the bag!! :yes:
  6. Congrats! I have one in's one of my fav bags. By the way, the shoulder strap can be doubled and worn comfortably that way too! :yes:
  7. I haven't worn my Splendor since last winter and got it out to add it to the fall rotation after seeing your post.

    I noticed my bag has a fringe/tassel on the zipper that closes the front pocket (excellent place for the cel, btw) and I didn't see it on yours--if yours didn't come with it, maybe it got lost in the packing? (Since becoming a member of tPF, I study handbag pix way too closely.) It is a great bag that does really well in crummy wet weather since it is already distressed.
  8. Congrats! I have it in cream and I love it. I thought it would be too big for me (I'm only 5'1") but it looks good on me (that's what I think anyway LOL!). The leather is like butta :smile:
  9. Okay, so I just looked at my receipt and the officical name color for my purse in capuccino. It looks grayish/cream.

  10. Aww i just checked and i dont have the tassels..i checked the pockets and there were none :confused1:...i got tassels on the main zipper! the bag is too nice so il just have to over look that! I live in the uk so it rains a lot here so it will be a good back for the winter!

  11. ooh i love that colour as well! could you post a pic of it? i like to see the colour in pics..the ones i seen on the web are stock pics so cant see a real life one! im soo greedy..i want the one you got and plum....:smile: im also surprised about the size as well, thought it will be big!
  12. Congrats. That's a really nice bag!
  13. wow i like that.....very versatile! where did you get this btw?? id like to get one too! =)
  14. very cute, it looks really great on you. I think this bag strikes that great balance of chic and slouchy
  15. I bought it here with this seller!

    sold other wonderful bags like botkier! i wanted the plum but that got sold! there is another caramel splendour left!

    I havent used the bag yet but im planning to take it out today!!:smile: