My new Money wallet was falling apart and why I LOVE Nordies!

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  1. A while ago I had posted that my new black Money wallet was already looking very much "Worse for the Wear." I had purchased her at Nordies and within a couple of weeks she started looking very worn and was peeling on the corners and edges. It kind of looked like how the tassles look when they split and fray.......not a good look on a new wallet.

    I had to go to Sac yesterday and so I stopped at Nordies to show my SA (Patrice) the wallet. She was also very surprised at the worn and frayed corners. We compared it to the new black Money wallets on display. Turns out that Bal FORGOT to seal the edges on my wallet so that is why it was falling apart!

    Patrice was SUCH a sweetheart and totally gave me a brand new gorgy SEALED black Money wallet. She even pulled out four for me to choose from :graucho:.

    I wound up talking to her for about an hour and she is just the BEST SA anyone could ask for. I can only imagine if I had bought the wallet at Bal.....they would have just sent it out to be fixed and it would have taken weeks AND they probably would have charged me for it. So, thank you Nordies and Patrice for outstanding customer service!
  2. Hurray! A great customer service story! And, a great wallet!!! Enjoy!
  3. Aw, good for you! Enjoy your new Money wallet! :yes:
  4. Wow, that's great service! Congrats on a new, perfect wallet!
  5. patrice sounds awesome! good thing you showed her!
  6. Yay!!Nothing beats great CS and a caring SA!!
  7. Yes, I have bought from Patrice before and she was great. Happy to hear they exchanged it for you - that's great customer service.
  8. that sounds awesome! I love nordies for that exact reason!!
  9. wow what great customer service! your SA sounds awesome! good for you :smile:
  10. I always shop at Nordies!! The best customer service around!!
  11. :yahoo:Yay!!! Good for you, dear!!
  12. Glad to read you have such a wonderful SA who was able to exchange your wallet.
  13. what great customer service! if only everyone was like that!
  14. That is so good to hear, enjoy your new wallet and hugs to Patrice!:yes:
  15. That is why I love Nordies. Great story.