My new MOKA Neverfull MM! Pic

  1. A dear friend picked one up for me I was not sure if the size was going to be good but I adore it! Its a cute fun bag and its going to work great in the summer for me with all my different colored flipflops!

  2. very nice. congrats!
  3. Congratulations.
  4. Yay Selena! I'm glad you got one! Mine should be arriving today.
  5. Congrats!!!
  6. Congratulations!:woohoo:
  7. Sooo pretty! I love the pink interior...Congrats!
  8. congrats! love it!
  9. Congrats! Very pretty.
  10. Congrats, it's such a great bag-I love mine!
  11. wishes
  12. Awww, what a sweet friend ... congrats! Don't you just love the pink interior, that's what sold me on those bags!
  13. That bag is really cute....I see it as a perfect warm weather bag with all the pretty colors...Congrats!!
  14. Congrats Selena! I'm so glad you like it.
  15. Oh good....Im so glad you like it...I was worried! ( Jive talkin....)