My New Modern Chain Small Tote!!!!!!

  1. The fed ex man hust dropped off my new handbag it was like Christmas all over again!!!!!!!!!I love it.:yahoo:
    mc 185x160.jpg
  2. Oh I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, forgot to mentioned .....modeling pic please :graucho:
  4. So nice. Congrats!
  5. Very nice. What are the measurments?
  6. Its 12x10 it is so roomy I don't have enough to fill it, it is heavy though so you don't want to put to much in it.
  7. Love it !!!
    Congrats !!!
  8. Nice! I don't think I've seen that modern chain tote before. Would love to see a bigger picture, please?
  9. Very cute! :smile:

    If anyone is looking for one of these, they have them in black & white at the NM in Newport Beach, CA. I tried them on and was very tempted to get one!
  10. Very nice!!!!!! :love: Congrats!!!! :yes:
  11. Nordstrom fall lookbook described that bag as the caviar and pony. It is more bucket-like than Modern Chain. I really like it!
  12. Sorry girls I tried putting a bigger picture but its telling me the file is to big so this is the best I can do.
  13. Is this the smaller tote? More rectangle shaped? Your pics are so small!

    But enjoy! and Congrats!
  14. It said the small tote but to me it is not small at all,it is rectangular shape.Sorry the picture is small I am new at this.
  15. It's a cutie!