My New MJ :)

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  1. I went to Holt Renfrew yesterday and got this beauty on sale, but i dont know the name of this model! I have to tell you though, its soooo comfortable to carry and so practical with all the pockets ...awww i should really put myself on a ban!!

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  2. oooooooh I'm so Jealous!! Very nice.:yes:
  3. Congrats on your new MJ, it's QUILTED Blake. The color looks like Fall 06's Mouse.
  4. congratulations!!! Its so practical and roomy!! Enjoy it in good heath :smile:
  5. Thank you :smile: This is one of the most practical bags i have!! it fits sooo much!! And now i know that its quilted blake!! Thank you for the info! Did it came in other colours too?
  6. looks like the quilted blake.
    congratulations on finding such a great bag on sale!
  7. :love::love: A real beauty! Congratulations!!
  8. WOW! Love that color! CONGRATS!
  9. They have more MJ bags on sale at Yorkdale in Toronto by the way! I also saw hudson and few other bags, but i had to stop myself, sale or no sale i had to tell myself that if i get it all there will be nothing to dream about lol
  10. :yahoo: I LOVE it!! I have a blake..It's not quilted though...I know what you about all the room....It's a very convenient purse! I feel so organized whrn I carry it!! Enjoy it & congrats!!! :heart: Emmy
  11. It's exquisite!!:love: Congrats on getting it on sale too!!
  12. Wow! A quilted blake on sale! You're a lucky girl! It's gorgeous... Congrats and enjoy!
  13. THANK YOU :smile: Do you know what other colours it came in? I would love a blue one:smile:) would look great!
  14. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!
    please don't tease us with such a little pic!
  15. Very pretty! Enjoy it!