My new MJ wallet smells like smoke!

  1. So I bought this MJ wallet at Saks a few weeks ago because it was marked down to more than half off. At the time, both the SA and I wondered why that was. Well, now that I'm using the wallet, I know. It was returned by a smoker! Ack!

    It smells just enough like smoke to bug me whenever I have to open it to get something. Of course DH says I'm crazy because he can't smell it, but he also admits that I have a better sense of smell than he does.

    So I'm wondering if Febreze will hurt it, because I just can't stand the smell. Or maybe I should just give up and take it back to Saks to see if somebody else can handle it. I'd really rather not return it because I love the design, and I know I would never pay full price for one just like it (that doesn't smell like smoke).

    Anyway, I mostly just wanted to vent and see if anyone has ever sprayed an MJ wallet with Febreze before I try it. :sad2:
  2. :huh: I definitely would NOT spray it directly with with Febreze, it can't be good for the leather. I smoked for years (haven't for 5), and the smell WILL eventually go away. In the meantime, I would spray an old t-shirt or pillowcase with either the Febreze or your favorite perfume, open everything up, wrap it loosly, and let it sit for a while, preferably outside (on a nice day) or in an open window. I wouldn't return it though, especially since you really like it, there's nothing else wrong with it, and you got such a good deal.

    Good luck! :biggrin:
  3. Yuck! I was going to ask if you have a porch. You could set it outside and let it air out, as suggested previously. If your porch is covered, you wouldn't have to worry about anything if it starts to rain.
  4. Thanks for the great suggestions! I will try all of them and let you know if it works. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.:biggrin:
  5. fold up a dryer sheet and put in it - the smell isn't overpowering, just nice and clean!
  6. I feel for you, but I would take it back. You'll never get rid of that smell. It permeates the leather.
  7. I agree with this suggestion. It should air out, it may take a few days though.
  8. Greenie is right - smoke is a vapor that permeates leather and it doesn't come out. Airing helps but once it's confined it will stink again. Some professional cleaners treat smokey leather but it's expensive and doesn't always work. Since it's a wallet that would travel from bag to bag and stink 'em up, I would just return it. Bummer.
  9. :huh: strong IS the smell? Since it was being sold as new from Saks, I figured it was only around the smoke for a short time, and would not have had a chance to permanently settle in. I still have a few pieces in my collection from right about the time I quit that have completely recovered (my Chanel, for one :amuse: ), but many items, including a beloved suede jacket and several pairs of leather pants, absorbed the smoke completely, for good, and were simply ruined. The staleness was unbearable. So, if the wallet's been used awhile and the smell is strong enough to transfer, these ladies are absolutely right, you should bring it back...and shame on Saks for selling you a stinker! :mad:

    If it's not that bad and you do try airing it out, it would really take at least a few weeks, possibly months, not a day or two...
  10. I would return it. Half of the pleasure of Marc Jacobs is the smell of their leather.
  11. Wow, I guess I didn't realize that smoke would stay in leather permanently. That just sucks. The good news is that I do still have the tags and the receipt, so I can take it back later this week.

    Thanks for saving me the time that I would have spent trying to get the smell out! (And I agree that half the pleasure of an MJ leather product is the leather smell! Mmmmmm.)

    Returning it will also help defray the cost of the Epi wallet I bought this past Saturday! Ha!
  12. Why dont you offer it on the Forum since you got such a good price I am sure someone would love to own it? Just a suggestion. Offer it for exactly what you paid plus shipping.
  13. What kind of wallet is it?
  14. This worked for me with a small snakeskin bag. I put a dryer sheet in the sleeper bag with it and another inside the bag itself. It took like one month, but after that the smell was gone.
  15. Thanks again to everyone with the suggestions -- I took it back to Saks today (sorry, didn't see the idea of selling on PF until just now).

    The SA was really surprised to see it, as it's from some previous season, but didn't give me any hassle (as well she shouldn't because I had the tags and receipt to prove it was bought there just 2 weeks ago).

    With all the LV related spending I've been doing of late, it was good to see at least some money go back the other direction!:lol: