My new MJ quilted Eugenie clutch in Cognac!!

  1. I usually hang around the Balenciaga forum so this is my first post here :shame: I don't have many Marc Jacobs bags (just a Black Stam and a MBMJ wallet) cos it's not very readily available here in Singapore, sucks doesn't it? Anyway, I just got this Eugenie clutch from a friend as a belated X'mas present and I love it so much!


    PS. I just saw some new colors for the Stam on the MJ website and I will love to have another one in Raspberry:love::love:
  2. Gorgeous!! I love the color. What a great clutch!
  3. I love this clutch. It's the perfect size for you! uh oh...I think I want one now too! :nuts:
  4. How pretty!! That color is yummy! Congrats!!
  5. OMG I need that! It's like the clutch version of the Mayfair! It's really gorgeous!
  6. Beautiful clutch! :love: What a nice friend!

  7. exactly what i was thinking!!!! i have the mayfair and would love this clutch almost got it in the pinkish/purple color (can't remember the name) it came in
    enjoy your clutch! it's gorgeous!
  8. Beautiful, what a great gift!! Enjoy!
  9. thithi, kitcat, luvpurses24, Pigen, muggles, Thanks everyone :smile:

    Joke, Aggie, Yes it do look like the clutch version of Mayfair! Now I really want a Mayfair too :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  10. OMG, how cute is that! Congrats!
  11. Cute, congrats like it :smile:
  12. absolutely lovely, congrats!
  13. I love this clutch! I wish I would have bought it when I had the chance. Congrats!!
  14. Melly, hey had some at the NY Saks or Bergdorfs yesterday- i cant remember which.
  15. ^ Ooh really? Thanks!! :heart: Do you remember which colors they had?

    I'll have to give them a call!