my new mj BLAKE!!

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  1. Thanks bluegenie and jag for helping me authticate this one!! It was a steal at $368


    i don't know if my pics need to be reduced..i'm not sure how to do all of this!!
  2. pictures don't show
  3. I can't see them as well. =(
  4. Congratulations! It is such a wonderful bag, and I love hte color! So glad it arrived safe and sound! Enjoy and wear it in good health!
  5. Great bag! Great price! Congrats!
  6. beauuutiful!!!

    seriously a steal! (does the seller have more?)
  7. i'm not sure of the color ...looks like a cream/bone/ivory (not sure of the real name) she was a cooperative seller, i made her take TONS of pics for me!! I'll ask if she has more lovely items!!
  8. waaaah! I can't see! Perhaps my carpy home computer again.... will check tomorrow at work. Congrats anyways!
  9. It's beautiful!!! Even better at the incredible price you got. Enjoy!
  10. I want a Blake too :biggrin:
  11. Congrats! I love my Blake and am sure that you will love yours as well. It is such a well made and funtional bag.
  12. am i the only one who can't ses the pics? the links also don't work for me. :sad:
  13. :sad: I can't see either :huh:
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