My new MJ Blake in Cocoa!

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  1. Thanks to all you gals in this forum esp. the Deals & Steals posters. I got my blake from Nordies today. My SA is suppose to adjust the price so it reflects the sale price since they sent it to me for the original price. Now my question...I found a small scratch at the bottom corner of the bag, do you think they will give me a discount for the scratch? TIA!
  2. they might or might not go for it, but it certainly doesn't hurt to try. i would call customer service and see what they say. did you purchase the last bag at the store? if so, i can see you making a stronger argument towards a discount, but they might just suggest that you exchange it for another one.
  3. Cool!!!
    re: scratch - how small?
  4. Nordstrom has notoriously good customer service, so it never hurts to ask! :yes: That's always my philosophy, but I can be sort of a cheapskate sometimes. :rolleyes:
  5. Congratulations!! Post pics!

    As for the scratch, you could try to ask for compensation. Do you have a SA you regularly work with?
  6. I don't know about nordie's but when I got my elise at bloomingdale's I noticed a teeny tiny tear upon close inspection and they immediately offered me an additional 15% off. So it's definitely worth a shot!!
  7. The scratch is right on the bottom corner and b/c the bag is brown it's slightly hard to see but still im able to see it. On top of that the bag is on sale, but it's not cheap so I think I'm going to ask for the discount.

    There's only 4 or 5 of this bag in all of nordies so I doubt I'll be able to exchange it for another one.

    I'll post pics when I get home :yahoo:
  8. Doesn't matter how unnoticable it is. When you're spending that kind of money the item should be in immaculate condition. I think damage does lower the value of an object. My elise is black and sometimes when I look for the tear it takes me a few minutes to find it. I'm lucky I spotted it so quickly when I first got it in my hands. Why pay a price for something that isn't perfect when you can pay the same price for something that is?
  9. ^ I agree, it's a lot of money for a scratched bag. Definitely bring it up to the SA, it's happened to me before at Saks and they were able to compensate me.
  10. I went to Nordies and spoke with another SA there and she said it's their policy to not discount damaged merchandise and they would just not sell it and send it back to the manufacturer...I don't think I can part with it!

    I agree with you girls, if I'm paying so much for it, it better be perfect but there aren't any left.:crybaby:

    Anyways I'm posting a few pics, I wasn't sure how to edit my original post. so here they are. I also attempted to take a pic of the scratch but it's quite small and it's reflecting the flash. :sad:

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  11. Your Cocoa Blake is beautiful! I can't see the scratch at all from the photo so I think you should not let that bother you or detract from your enjoyment of the bag. Think of it as character!
  12. Gem I would call back and talk to the store manager....If other members were able to get a credit, I think you should be able to.....BTW..Your blake is gorgeous!!!! Congrats!!
  13. Your bag is beautiful!! :love: I can't even see the scratch. Do you think it is something that can be buffed out with some leather conditioner?
  14. Nordy's will not give you a break for the scratch. They have contracts with each vendor and will just send it back to them. Cadillac leather moisturizer should buff it out on the MJ calf skin.
  15. Thanks for the tip gals. I have not tried to buff it out. I'll try that tonight.