Feb 21, 2006
My new monogram MIZI has apparently arrived. I can't wait to run home and tear open the box. I am VERY scared I won't be in love when I see it in person. * crossing fingers *

Thanks to all you posters on the forum. You all have helped me SOOO much with my bag choice.

Wish me luck! :love:
tore open the box when i got home! i will def post pictures tonight!

ok, i haven't bought LV in ages. i'm been going the Marc Jacobs/Fendi routes. so i finally get a new LV in like 6 years and i notice:

1. the dustbag is not that soft plush material anymore. it's like just regular hard cloth.

2. i can't find the stamp inside my mizi ( ANYONE know where it is )

3. for some reason i thought it came with a padlock/ the sales associate told me over the phone that it did-- apparently not.

4. my mizi came from NC so i avoided NY sales tax... which i guess was a big plus!

I've become such a LV novice!! it's been too long! :biggrin: :biggrin: