my new miu miu

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  1. My dad gave me this bag for my birthday and loving it soo much but i have no idea what is this bag called. Does anyone happen to know? Thanks

  2. This is cute!! :biggrin: Is it small? modelling pictures please? :biggrin:
  3. Wow congrats!
    Could you please post more pics? It wasn't available at my miumiu
  4. Is that a cake or a real bag???????:confused1: hahaha...
  5. that's a real bag from the fall 2010 collection, it's patent leather
  6. Doesn't that look like the Palemo? Or was it Parlemo? Palermo?
  7. so cute!!!

    OK I am off to NYC this sunday I def have to drop by Miu MIu then... mmm.. I am so off my miu miu game this past 6 months
  8. it's really really small.. can only fits my small wallet, mobile phone and a really slim camera. Will post more pictures later :smile: