My new Miu Miu wallet and a couple of questions

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  1. I bought a Miu Miu Matelasse Amarena wallet earlier. For those who bought amarena bag/ wallet, does yours show scratch marks when you buy it? I mean, I saw a few small scratch marks on my wallet. And for those who have this type of wallet, does yours come with keys? Mine doesn't... =(

  2. more pics

  3. one more


    see the circled areas? they look like scratch marks to me.

    can anyone please help me with my questions. Many thanks
  4. Don't worries about the scratch marks. I just received my new frame purse in distressed leather and there were a couple of small marks. Unless the leather is severely scratched or peeling, it's part of the distressed leather look. :nuts:
  5. I have last years wallet with the exact same lock and hinge. Mine did have keys.
  6. here are photos of the scratched marks. they are deep, unlike finger nail scratches. I've asked hubby to take me back for an exchange later. the more I look at them, the more irritated I feel.

    wish me luck when I go back later.

    moi et mes sacs - thanks for your reply! I'd ask for the keys as well
    linpaddy - thanks so much for replying. *hugs


    I managed to take a shot of all my wallets together, 3 LVs and 1 lovely wallet from Korea.
  7. If you're missing the key and the scratches are bothering you, do return/exchange it. Maybe your wallet was a customer's return.

    Hopefully, you'll be able to get a better replacement!
  8. Good luck with your exchange. They sure bother me - those scratches! I love your wallet collections.
  9. finally this stressful episode is over. Went over to return the defective wallet and got another one for replacement. The new one is much much better in condition than the original wallet. it has been confirmed by the SA that there are no keys for wallets(?)... though I am very sure some models do have keys. Anyway, that is not important. Real glad I have a good wallet now!

    I am sighing with relief!:yes:

    thanks for all the replies. :heart:
  10. That's great!! I love your wallet in amarena :love:
  11. Thanks, Lasmico!! :heart:

    this is my new perfect wallet! she's a beauty!