My new miu miu heels! <3 !

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  1. I know it's the purse forum but we're allowed to post accessories right? :P My most recent trip to London wasn't productive on bags but I found these lovely miu miu heels :smile:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    they remind me of this pair from FW06 which I wanted badly but couldn't afford, so in a way I got a 2nd chance? ;)
  2. Those are cute!
  3. Those are beautiful! I love carved wodden heels! Very Organic like!
  4. Wow those are so gorgeous.
  5. i love them they're absolutely DIVINE! FABULOUS purchase! woohoo! :woohoo:
  6. those are AMAZING
    I'm green with jealousy!:greengrin:
  7. OH MY GOODNESS! Your heels are GORGEOUS!

    I am definetly jealous :nuts:
  8. wow... sexy!!! i like it better than the first one you didn't get. congrats!!!
  9. Thanks very much for all the compliments! I have been wearing them around the house, "training". I must say though, they are a PAIN to walk in! But being such a shrimp, I need those extra 12cm! hahaha
    marose28: yes, I think these go better with most of my wardrobe, the others are a bit too goth when I think about it... hehe
  10. Vanillinae... don't you love it when things work out even better in the end? this is definitely one of those... enjoy your gorgy shoes!!!
  11. Very cool and retro!
  12. That heel is WOW! Love every single bit of it.