My new Miu Miu Coffer! Pictures!

  1. So, after months of not buying a bag (months!), I fell head over heels for the Miu Miu Coffer. I love the look of the bag. In black, it has a really cool "punk" rockerish look to it :nuts:

    I walked into Saks just to look, and walked out with one! It's gorgeous :drool: The leather is buttery soft and it's so slouchy. But here's the best part - the super nice SA who helped me out gave me an extra 10 percent off because the hardware had a few scratches on it, compared to the hardware of the chocolate brown one that was sitting next to it. I was about to walk out without buying it, but she talked to the manager and gave me the discount. Between that and the gift card event that starts Thursday (I got $125 back in a GC!), I couldn't resist :graucho: I am a Miu Miu convert now, I never realized how beautiful the bags are.

    Anyway, here are a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure ;)


  2. Congrats!! I love it -- in any color! It looks great on you and you look really happy in the pics! YAY for Coffers!
  3. Thanks! :nuts: I love this bag in any color. I saw the olive green one on NAP and now I'm drooling :drool:
  4. Congrats!!. Isnt the leather the softest. You look great.
  5. Congrats! It looks great on you! Love that tPF was in the background of the second pic!
  6. YEAH! COngrats!( i want tha green one too now!LOL!)

    U look FAB with this bag!!You totally rock it!
  7. the bag looks great on you. congrats!
  8. LOL! As soon as I saw that picture with the forum in the background, I knew I had to post it :p A true tPF addict, I am ;)

    Thanks for the kind words, ladies! The bag was definitely worth the splurge :heart:
  9. that is an absolutely gorgeous bag!! it looks great on you! congrats!! i have been eyeing the black coffer for what seems like months...enjoy!
  10. Congratulations- the bag is very pretty and looks great on you!
  11. I'm so in love with that bag! And it looks great on you. Congratulations!
  12. looks great on you, congrats!!
  13. It looks great on you! I love this bag...and I didn't know you were so pretty!
  14. It's a lovely bag, congrats.
  15. Nice bag! It looks *great* on you!!! Like it was made for you.

    I give you alot of credit too... going for *MONTHS* w/o buying a bag... whew! :sweatdrop: You deserve that girl!! Congratulations and enjoy!!! You look veeerrrry happy with your new baby! :p