My new Miu Miu Bandoliera

  1. Well, I just received my new Miu MiuBandoliera bag from BG yesterday. If my pictures come up (I've been having real trouble posting lately) you will see that it is basically a Coffer minus the braided handle with a slightly different shoulder strap. I really like this style as I rarely carry my other Coffers with the braided handle. By the way Alre309, check out the zipperhead on mine that you were concerned about. Anyway, here she is.........................


  2. Congrats!
  3. I really like it!!!!!!! I've seen this style before but wondered about the strap. Does it fall around the same length as the regular coffer?

    Modeling pics if you can too!:woohoo:
  4. thank you miu2!! sighing with relief!!! thats how mine looks!
    Your new bag is gorgeous!!!
  5. The strap is the same length as the Coffer and can also be adjusted on either end to make it longer. However, since I am just over "midget- height", making it any longer would place it just above my knee-caps!! :p
  6. it looks just perfect..I thought his model is also called coffer,but I guess that I was wrong.

    congrats miu2

    I guess there is still no luck on the blue one?
  7. I've given up hope on the blue Coffer :crybaby: If you ever see one though, please let me know. :yes:
  8. certainly will :smile:
  9. Very beautiful Mui!, I love the color, coffers have the best leather and colors!
  10. Congrats miu2!
    Glad you're lovin' it. She's so beautiful! :heart: That color is :drool:
  11. sooo pretty! Congrats! ;)
  12. Hi, I've posted this on another thread also. But did u try sabines boutique yet (probably you did)? They said they have pre-order blue coffer. If u have not tried, maybe u can call them.
  13. I also posted this to you in the other thread Hanei, but are you familiar with this boutique? They are going to call me back regarding availability. Thank you sooooo much hanei!!:okay:
  14. I never shopped there before but I read somewhere in one of the thread, somebody bought from there and she talked to Sabine herself and she had had good experience.

    Maybe u can do a search on tpf abt sabines...good luck!
  15. it's gorgeous, enjoy! :tup: