My new Miu Miu bags *PIC*

  1. Hi everyone! Nice to join this wonderful community.:smile:

    I'm from Italy (near Florence). I don’t speak English very well:sweatdrop:, sorry, but I try it.:shame:
    I am glad I can now post a pic of my new Miu Miu bags: plum coffer bag and chocolate brown bow satchel :love:
    I’m so happy! :nuts: :yahoo:


    Greetings to everyone!:flowers:
  2. Both bags are so beautiful. They look so lush! I want both!
  3. Beautiful bags!! Congrats! :okay:
  4. love em both, especially the plum coffer - such a great colour !
  5. Oh I love your bow satchel!
  6. Both bags are awesome!
    How nice to live in Italy where you can get these bags much cheaper!:girlsigh:
  7. so gorgeous, your pictures make the leather look especially soft and smooshy. enjoy!
  8. Oh my, that plum coffer looks amazing. I love your bow bag too, but that plum coffer, the leather looks scrumptious.
  9. Congrats!!
  10. So gorg! I would love to have both of those bags! congrats! That plum coffer is TDF especially! :drool:
  11. Gorgeous bags - congrats:tup:
  12. Both bags look amazing, bellissima :smile:
  13. mi piacciono tutt'e due! ;)
  14. Loves! Both of them, but I'm falling hard for the prunga Coffer!! :tender:
  15. Welcome!! Both of them are absolutley GORGEOUS!! I love your bow satchel! Congrats!