My new Miu Miu bag

  1. So, I've been in a huge bag rut lately, and really wanted to buy something new, preferably in a tan or brown color. I was at NM's yesterday, and decided on the Miu Miu posted below, over a tan Balenciaga. I'm still a bit undecided about the bag, and wanted to know what you guys think. Thanks!
    Picture 044.jpg Picture 045.jpg
  2. I like it suli! I think this would be much less trendier than the balenciaga. imho
  3. Pretty color but I'm a big fan of B-bags, so I probably would have gone with that. Enjoy your new bag!
  4. It's cute--but don't force yourself to like it. I've been in a big bag rut too... I'm keeping my eyes open, but I've decided to not "force" myself into buying or liking something. My bag will find me :P It just might take a little while!
  5. I saw this one at Holt Renfrew this weekend in a light tan. The leather is gorgeous. Nice....
  6. It's ok, but it's nothing as nice as a b-bag could be ! JMHO
  7. I like it, it is quite roomy. Can be refreshing after seeing so many b-bags
  8. I like it-BUT I can hear in your tone that you are unsure.....been there! Return it if you still dont love it in 2 days!Thats my motto!
  9. ^^Good advice! And I love Miu Miu, so I don't agree lightly!
  10. I like it, the leather looks good
  11. It's cute, but nothing super-special or unusual.
  12. I like it.. I'd keep it. Looks like a good everyday bag without the signature look (ala B-bags, kwim?). And I'm a B-bag fan too. Sometimes it's good to mix it up a bit:smile:
  13. Nice bag! Looks roomy & the colour is great - the leather is probably thicker than on a bbag, so I guess is more a matter of personal taste. I like both balenciaga & miu miu, so I can't say I prefer one over the other!

    If you're not sure yet, carry it around the house for a few days - you will probably feel pretty soon if you start to love it or not.

    Good luck!
  14. Thanks for all the input! I have to admit, I know that it's "plain", but I do like bags that seem more classic. Maybe it was the new leather smell that I feel in love with, and just had to buy the bag ;) . I'm going to give myself a week to figure out if I love it.
  15. SULI...keep it! its so gorgeous, I havent seen this bag in real. But it makes me want to have one too. The area where I live, its very limited miu miu bags. But the one that u have, i just love it! can u send more pictures of u carrying the bag?