My New Missoni Sunglasses... Opinions Please

  1. Just got these, and I'm not 100% sure about them on my face... what do you think?


    I guess what I'm not sure about is the shape on me, and the dark, thick frames on me. I usually wear really dark lenses, as dark as the frame, so this "lighter lens" look on me is a bit new. Other than that, I love the striated colors on the arms (sorry you can't tell in pics), and I can tell the frames are great quality due to the way the front of the frames are dark brown, but the rest of the frames are striped, and there's no seam when it goes from solid to striped! Hope I'm making sense!

    I'm quite camera shy when it comes to showing my face, but I couldn't think of a way to ask for your opinion on these sunnies without showing myself! Hence, the small pictures. :p Oh, and a friend said that the sunnies look better on me if I have my hair up (in the 3rd pic).
  2. There nice. I think the sunnies suit your frame.
  3. ^ Thanks, Prada... I may take these out for a spin today (and see if anyone laughs and points at me)

  4. I like them! :yes:
  5. I like them they look really good on you.
  6. i think they look great on you. congrats.
  7. I like them
  8. I like them but personally think that square-r frames would better suit your face.
  9. Thanks everyone!

    Do you think? Hmm... I've always had trouble figuring out my face shape, esp since I think my features are round, but I do have a somewhat strong jawline (at least at some angles), which confuses me... anyway, my point is that I've read that the frame shape that most suits you will be opposite of your face shape.
  10. Not bad and they do look better with your hair up
  11. I think they are very secretary sexy on you (in lack of a better description) .
  12. They look really good on you!
  13. They look great on you!:love:
  14. I like them a lot. I think they look good on you.
  15. Thanks everyone!

    I got a new haircut last weekend, which is definitely edgier than what I used to have... it's a lot shorter, and in the back my hair falls just above the nape of the neck, and it gets longer as it moves towards the front, and layers all around. So I think these 'edgy' sunglasses work well with my new 'edgy' haircut. :smile:

    Though, my DH calls them goggles b/c of the thick dark frames and lighter lenses. Then again, he's more of a sporty guy and loves Oakleys, and my style is definitely different!