my new mini pleaty

  1. got this a fews day ago love it :love: its quite roomy for such a small bag. (sorry i dont have a pic of it alone)
  2. its beautiful! and i love your bbag! the colour is gorgeous
  3. Very cute !
  4. thank you gucci_girl love them both too :smile:
  5. Oh kaka, it is sooo cute!! I want the pink one. It does look like a good size in your pic!! Congrats and enjoy!!!
  6. Oh, greeeeeeeeeeeeen :love:
    Absolutely gorgeous, enjoy!
    I also love your Balenciaga, great color!
  7. tr444 thank you, actually it is a good size i thought it was too small but it does fit quite a lot a reg size wallet, makeup bag, 2 celphones, keys and there's still space for more. its designed to open up or stretch (dunno if its the right word lol) once you put your things in. The fuschia is very nice too but i dont know how to carry a pink bag :smile:

  8. Wow, that does sound like it fits a good amount!! I really love it and want one in pink and in blue. OH man, here I go again!!!
  9. very cute! congrats
  10. I love the color, Congrat's.
  11. Congrats.
  12. It is so cute! Congratulations!!!
  13. That color is TDF! Congrats!
  14. Green denim is my FAVE!!! CONGRATS!!! Both bags are STUNNING!!! LOVE the color of your Balenciaga as well!:love:
  15. Gongrats! :love: I love the colour!

    Btw does anyone have a pic wearing it since I have no clue about the real size. Is it more roomy than for example the basic Mono Pochette?