My new mini lin speedy! Question: Should I treat it with any fabric protector?

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  1. I just bought my new mini lin speedy yesterday! :yahoo:

    I love it already! And it actually looks like it's going to hold up better than my damier azur. I just feel like I won't have to babysit it as much. hehe

    Now the question is...have any of you treated your mini lin fabric before using it? If yes, with what? Shining Monkey fabric protector? (That's what I have.) Please post and let me know how you treated it, with what, and how everything turned out!

  2. congrats great choice
  3. answer my own question and for future references, I went ahead and sprayed my bag with Shining Monkey. Twice.

    Everything worked out great; bag does not look any different. Let's hope it's even more water-proof and resistant to dirt than before!
  4. The fabric is already treated. You shouldn't need to do it again...
  5. I have not done anything with either of mine. They still look great. But there is no harm since you already treated yours