My new mini lin speedy in dune!

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  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: OK, I just couldn't resist ... it was absolutely gorgeous IRL! I know it seems somewhat delicate being a light-colored fabric bag but even DH liked it ... so I had to get it! LOL The funny thing is that DH was the one who pointed it out. I was trying to show him the Balenciaga rouge vermillion twiggy that I've been lusting for and he hated it. He hated the color and said, "I like that white Louis Vuitton better." So we head over to the LV counter and he points to the mini lin speedy in dune ... apparently LV just received their shipment in today. So we're finally home ... I can't help but stare at it, it's just so pretty!:love: Anyways, it's kinda late right now, so I'll post pics tomorrow! Just wanted to share my joy since it's so rare that DH actually approves of a bag I buy!
  2. ahhhh yay! congrats for you! i hope you love and enjoy it :smile: look forward to the pics... i really admire you for going for the dune. i am too scared to do it hehe.
  3. congrats! The color is really pretty! You should also put modeling pics! Your hubby is sooo cute!
  4. wow~ congrats! the mini lin speedy in Dune is beautiful! i am also considering getting one. But i have got the trapeze in grey which i am thinking in terms of colour wise its very close. hmm...
  5. oh NO! TEASE!!! haha I want to see pics now!! I saw it the other day, but picked the Ebene Mini Lin instead. I was too scared of the Dune!! haha. I'm such a messy person and I'd get it DIRTY!!!
  6. congrats..mine should be coming Tuesday!! I am glad your DH loves it, mine does too!! Can't wait to see pics..stunning..:yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. congrats I saw it in the store today and I love the handdles the color enjoy it...
  8. Congrats!! It is such a beautiful bag!!
  9. Congrats....

    Can't wait to see pics :smile:
  10. Awww that's so sweet. Can't wait to see the pics:love:
  11. Same here, I'm dying to see pics.
  12. congrats, i wanna see pics too.
  13. wow. saw it at LV yesterday and it is gorgeous, not as white as i initially thought though, but nevertheless beautiful

  14. awwww :yahoo: congrats!!! Can't wait to see the pics...modeling for us pls ;)
  15. congrats and enjoy!