My new Mini Lin speedy does not have 30 stamped under the tab

  1. Why not?? and I am still tripping over the cardboard thingie stuffed inside with a black line across it which reads 37 or 39 what is this?? TIA
  2. Think that is just a reference for the cardboard inserts to protect your bag and probably lets the production know which size cardboards accommodate similar bags in width and size.
    Your Speedy number should be under the leaf tab.
  3. perhaps the cardboard thing came from another bag and was just suck in there so that your bag would keep shape.
    where did you purchase your bag from ?

    I don't have a 30 stamped on my mini lin speedy either (shrugs)
  4. I purchased it from Eluxury..I didn't get plastic on the handles which I prefer and I have this weird cardboard thingie..not happy BUT the bag is perfect..
  5. Where did you get yours??
  6. I got the cardboard thing too but I didn't notice any numbers. Maybe I'll look again.
  7. I don't think I have a 30 stamped anywhere either and I got mine from elux. Maybe it's the only size speedy they're going to carry in mini lin ebene so they aren't stamping them? :confused1:

    It did arrive with the plastic on the handles and the cardboard thing to hold the shape and I love the new dustbags instead of those linen envelope things. And it all came in a GINORMOUS shipping box!!!

    I love my mini lin speedy!! :love:
  8. I don't know what the underside of the tab looks like but if it's got that rough-ish look then it's probably stamped on there, but it's not really deep enough to see. I have one Speedy that doesn't look like it has a number on the tab but upon closer inspection it does.
    Also, that cardboard thing is fine..both my Miroir Speedys from the boutique came with that as well.
  9. It was shipped to me from the bloor street store in Toronto. I asked for a bag with plastic on the handles.
  10. Because of the way the dark leather is wrinkled you can't see any number...mine's the same and it's from the Boutique. Don't worry, just enjoy!
  11. I just hate that it didn't come w/ it's someone's return you know
  12. No 30 there.
  13. ^^ i think in a lot of store they do that, or its taken off before its shipped unless you ask for it to remain on there.

    could be that the person packing your bag too it off, if you're not happy return and ask for on with plastic.
  14. I think it's a retun because I thought Elux didn't take the plastic off..
  15. Actually even most bags in the boutique don't come with the plastic on the handles..the SAs are supposed to take them off before the sale but sometimes they don't get taken off. Doesn't mean it's a return if it doesn't have plastic :smile:
    Also, out of the bags I've gotten from elux, only a couple have had the plastic.