My New Mini Lin Croisette Marina PM & other stuff!!!

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  1. Guys & girls, my local store called early today to inform me that they only received one cruise bag and that was the blue Marina PM. They're still waiting for the red & blue Marina GM and the speedies, as well. (I'm waitlisted on the red Marina GM & Griet Damier) I wasn't really planning to get the PM but decided to go check it out since I had to get a wallet for my DH. But when I saw it IRL, I fell in love with it. So, I decided to purchase it also. But here's the best part... my 19 yr old adopted daughter called me while I was on my way to the store and said that she wanted to meet up with me there. While I talking to my SA, my daughter blurted "Happy Birthday in advance, Mom! " and handed me a small LV box. Lo and behold, it was the Mini Lin Croisette bag charm I had reserved! I was sooo surprised and didn't know what to say or do! I just hugged her and said thank you:tender:. My SA said that my daughter went to the store before noon and bought it. She told my SA that she wanted to get me something special and that it was least she could do for me since I've always been good to her and have always treated her like my own. She even told my SA that I took her to Germany last year and to Paris last week. Thing is, I never expected anything in return from her. I truly love her... It's such a pleasant surprise!
    mlc_1.JPG mlc2.JPG mlc3.JPG damier_wallet.JPG damier_wallet1.JPG
  2. my mini lin croisette bag charm
    mini lin croisette bag charm.JPG
  3. Such a wonderful story. Congrats!
    And how sweet of your daughter!
  5. wow ... what a sweet daughter you have ... congrats!
  6. I like the keychain, congrats!
  7. Wow, everything is so gorgeous! :nuts:

    That was so sweet and thoughtful of your daughter to do that.

    You are very blessed.

    Congrats on all the fabulous items!
  8. Such a wonderful story! I want to be as sweet to my mother as her! The key chain is so unique!
  9. What a great daughter!!! Congrats on the beautiful bag and charm!!
  10. congrat's
  11. Lovely story. Congrats! Modeling pics?
  12. What is the damier piece? It looks like my passport cover, which I totally love, it's very nice too! congrats.
  13. Congrats!! Love your new bag! And your DD is sooo sweet:love:
  14. nice bag, congrats!!
  15. That is a beautiful story. Congrats on having an amazing daughter!