My New Mini Lin Bag: the Trio is now complete.

  1. here's my latest additon:


    Tanger Sac Plat in camel Mini Lin, men's S/S 2005 collection. i absolutely LoVe the Tanger since i got the striped one last January. now the camel completes them. here are the triplets:


  2. WOW, DD, Congrats on your complete trio !! They're gorgeous !! so, Whats next for completion??
  3. Congrats on your trio!
  4. WOW those bags are HOT!!!!!

    congrats on ur latest addition!!!
  5. Those bags are so HOOOOOOOOT!!

    Congrats! :yahoo:
  6. you are one heck of a collector! congrats.
  7. woww!!! very nice...congrats!
  8. big congrats on the trio!!
  9. wowee! what a nice trio you have!!!
  10. oh wow :drool:
  11. Congrats! A lovely trio of bags!
  12. yay congrats!!! What a great collection!!!
  13. wowww I love your collection ...Congrat!!!
  14. Gorgeous-
  15. wow, congrats... I never predicted that Sac Plat Mini Lin will look so nice such yours :love: