My New Mini Flap Arrived!!!

  1. Cute...congrats.
  2. So excited for you LucyBeal! You'll love it!
  3. Congratulations!!! Is it suede like caviar leather ? There was mini square black caviar from 12p but the caviar is sueded. Thanks.
  4. Sukiyaki, thank you! Mine is not sueded? It's the pebbled calfskin leather. The leather still feels soft!
  5. If there are anyone interested, I just found out from Terri (SA) from Nordstrom in Nashville that they have only 1 more black caviar mini left w/silver hw. They are also expecting a burgandy lambskin mini, and a red caviar to be coming in any day now. You might want to put your name down if interested!
  6. Lovely I love it
  7. congrats on the cutie~!!
  8. Congrats this is such a lovely classic bag!! And it can be worn crossbody!! Something I discovered could not be done with my M/L in rigid caviar.

    I spoke with my Saks SA and she put me on the list!! Saks will get the black with silver hardware for the fall I am being told.

    How is it holding up?? Can you confirm it is more of a rigid caviar correct?
    Also, may I ask how tall you are? I saw it hits on the hip kind of when worn crossbody so I'm trying to gauge where it would hit for me as I am 5'2" :smile:
  9. Congrats on your mini!!! So lovely!
  10. Adorable! Love the blk caviar with shw! I didn't think I liked the square but looks great on! Congrats!
  11. Very cute! I have been wanting one forever!! Does anyone know if it is coming in black with gold? I already have a woc black with silver and have been looking for this forever! Thanks
  12. The bag is quite sturdy! I can really see this bag hold up many many years from now if you handle with care! I am 5'3" so it should be ok if you wear it crossbody.
  13. I heard from SA that the square minis just came back this year. I have only heard it in
  14. My god, I have always wanted this bag. I adore it :smile: Congrats!

    I'm thinking maybe I will get it in the red...
  15. Exciting! Nordstrom in Nashville will be getting one in any day now! Please remember to do a reveal! :biggrin: