my new michael kors studded upper shoes! yahoo!!!

  1. what so u girls think about this shoes? i just purchased it today but in dark brown! :wlae:
  2. cute for summer! me likey
  3. thank u uhkiwi :p
  4. They're so cute!! So glad you asked...cause i have the ones in the pic!!! BTW...i love mine too :p
  5. PurseEnthusiast, ur shoe is sooo cute! if i can walk confortably in heels, i would get yours too :drool:
  6. PurseEnthusiast - Your espadriles are adorable. I have to have a pair. Are they from last season? I am crazy about both ankle-wraps and espadrilles.

  7. ShoeangelYes they are from last season...:yes: ...i actually purchased them in August.