My New Michael Kors Sandals from NMLC for only $39$!!!!!!

  1. I know they're no Louboutins but I'm so excited! I got these Michael Kors shoes marked down from $195 to $39 from NMLC in Lawrenceville, GA today. :yahoo:They can be worn with or without the ankle strap thingys :smile: One pair is sort of metallicy silver and the other is just a light browny muscade color. I won't make you guys read the lengthy details (those are in my blog), but here they are:
    Random+Pics+139.jpg Random+Pics+154.jpg Random+Pics+158.jpg
  2. What a steal!!
    Wear them well!
  3. Great deal!
  4. i am debating whether to tell you this i really don't want to ruin your "high", but i bought the same exact thing for $20 w/tax, at a NMLC three days ago. they were 75% off, and i used my NM card so i got an extra 5% off.

    maybe they do price adjustments? i'm not should ask. i'm only telling you, to make sure NM didn't make a mistake on your price.
    you still got a great deal!! super cute. enjoy them. :tup:
  5. oo which NMLC did you go to? I will call and ask them for sure! Congrats on your super super steal!
  6. the one in milpitas, ca.
  7. Congrats, great deal!!! Loveee the metallic and braiding!
  8. Great deal!
  9. they are very cute.
  10. Thanks! I'm so excited for better weather so I can break them out :biggrin: