My new metallic pink first arrived!

  1. I thought I'd finally stop lurking and start posting... my new metallic pink first, which arrived from BalNY today!

    Don't laugh, but I hadn't even heard of Balenciaga until a few weeks ago, when some picuture of a cute bag caught my eye. After I found out the price tag, I put it straight out of my head, but it kept popping back in my head with alarming frequency, especially after I looked through this forum with everyone showing more of these cute bags! Before I knew it, I had the phone and credit card in my hand, and one week later, it's finally here!

    It so pretty, me likes lots!

    Just wanted to say thanks to this great forum for its chock full of information and supportive members!
  2. congrats on your first bbag! What a gorgeous color! Really pops!
  3. Oh, congrats . . . but be careful, it's addictive!
  4. omg it's so pretty congrats
  5. ooooooh so pretty! Congratulations! Get ready to be sucked in bad!!!
  6. That bag is SOOOO pretty! When did that color come out?
  7. tvstar, the metallic pink is part of the 2005 metallics. BalNY had a couple of the metallics still in stock.
  8. Wow! Pink is my favorite color, but not just any pink. That one is TDF!
  9. :nuts: WOW. I really LOVE that color. I love pink and that is really a knock out bag!:yes:

  10. Thanks..I can't believe they still had them in stock!!
  11. ohhhh that is soo pretty! enjoy it, dont worry about not knowing these things. I dont even think I pronounce half of the designers right haha:shame:
  12. That is so pretty! There has been a city on ebay that I was debating, the color is so pink!!!
  13. Very cute!! I love the silver hardware on it. So like the others said be ready to be sucked in. I am working on number 4.
  14. I was told Bal NY still has some metallic pink in City and Day left. This color is so pretty!
  15. I really didn't need to know that!! I LOVE the pink but I'm just not sure I'm hip enough to pull off the metallic. It is SO pretty though!!

    Oh yes, this is VERY addictive!!! I feel like a junkie on ebay looking for colors and in less than a month I've gone from none to almost four bags. Just can't stop at one!