My new metallic betty!

  1. Meet my new betty, she is so gorgeous!! perfect for summer:yahoo:
  2. Gorgeous congrats - I love that style
  3. Beautiful! I hope you enjoy her. xx
  4. great bag congrats!
  5. Love it!! Congrats on a beautiful bag.
  6. I love it and crave it as I do ALL chain handled Betties - LOL! And in silver it is especially cool. May I ask where did you find it? Are there MORE??? (Stop me - PURSE BANNED -)
  7. What she said. :smile:
  8. Congrats!!
    I know you'll love her, I haven't been able to put my gold chain betty down since I got her last week!!
  9. Beautiful bag ... love love the color! Congrats and enjoy!
  10. From lovely Bahrain? Is it the dark metalic blue?:love:
  11. Your bag looks gorgeous. I noticed the colour really makes a huge difference with the bag style. Good buy!
  12. tnx ladies! the color is argent. this is my first metallic chloe and i dont know what color to wear with it:confused1: , i was wearing a brown outfit this morning and cant work it out...any suggestions?
  13. So pretty congrats! :smile:
  14. She most certainly is!!! Congrats shoptfs!! :party:
  15. It looks gorgeous, congrats!:flowers:

    I could imagine it would go perfectly with grey, black and white outfits..?:girlsigh: