My new messenger!!!!

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  1. As some of you spotted on another thread- I've bought a new messenger!!! It's an Ellison messenger (old style) that i got in fab condition from Mulberrymad on e-bay! It's v similar in styling to the martha but lacks the large front flap and whip stitching. It's the perfect size/ style for me and the messenger strap is ultra comfy- much softer than my Antony strap. This will get ALOT of use!!!! (it was my new year resolution to only buy bags I'm going to use!!!!):nuts:


  2. Perfect bag Jo!! Suits you 100%!! Congrats!!
  3. Jo, that really really suits you. I love the contrasting messenger strap, as it gives it a really casual feel - fab purchase :biggrin:
  4. Lovely style and it looks very good on you!
  5. Well that one could have been made for you couldn't it! Suits you so well Jo, you look lovely! I love the strap on these, and the leather looks gorgeous! How much can you fit in it? Congratulations :yahoo:
  6. It's a beauty Jo! LOVE the stripy strap!
  7. very nice, looks great on you, congrats!
  8. I can fit my wallet, phone, packet of wet wipes, coach wristlet pouch thingy, small purse, cheque book, hat and keys in it with still a bit more room. Easily takes everything that I normally carry on a daily basis! It fits alot more than my small Antony but isn't so big that's it's heavy or cumbersome.
    There seems to be a bit confusion over the name of this model as it was listed as brinkley but a couple of people have them on TPF (you know who you are!!!) and have confirmed it is in fact the Ellison. The strap has little Mulberry trees on it too which is cute!!
    Thanks for the comments girls!
  9. Lovely, suits you very well! The strap looks really nice with the stripes and trees on it.
  10. Congrats, looks great on you Jo (especially with your boots!!)
  11. Lovely bag Flyvetjo. Can see how this one will get loads of use. It was made for you.
  12. Wow Never seen this one - looks great on you, amazing!! Nice strap - is it bigger than Seth??
  13. Ratrat- it's smaller than seth. Same size as the martha.

    Ali- the buckle on the bag is a great match for the buckles on my boots!!!!!
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    Last edited: Feb 24, 2010
    Jo - i LOVE this messenger, love the colour, strap, style, size, everything!
    Looks fantastic on you, well done on a fabulous find
  15. Lovely bag. Fab looking leather. Enjoy.