my new men's messenger bag

  1. i just got this bag. the one in the pic is teal but i am getting the black (with silver hardware) because i have the teal first now. it hasn't been discussed much on the PF so i thought i would introduce it. i know a few of you have seen my pics and have given me the thumbs up so now i want others to see it.

    sorry for the way i look. it is a camera phone and i was laying down before i took the pic and my sweater looks all funky.

    i also attached a pic of my caramel belted buckle hobo just for size reference.
    messenger.jpg epi dupliex 009 (Small).jpg
  2. Wow! I have never seen that before, thank you very much for sharing!

    What year is it?

  3. You know I love it! I love both of them, they look absolutely beautiful on you! :smile:
  4. oh chigirl your bags look amazing:heart: :yes: :heart: Esp on you
  5. hey Chigirl love the messenger! good length! both look great on you!
  6. wow, that's so cool chigirl, i think the messenger/couriers rock!!!
  7. chi, i've already told you that it looks so cool on you!
  8. I concur as I have before.... LOVE!!
  9. Wow, they both look wonderful on you! The length and size look just perfect!!
  10. wonderful bags on you, chi:heart: :heart: :heart: !!
  11. Looks great on you chigirl! Congrats!!
  12. chigirl - the messenger looks great on you! How does it compare to the courier when you tried it on? Love the belted buckle hobo!
  13. They look great on you, Chi! Congrats on getting a new messenger! :biggrin:
  14. i love the messenger! i have one in bordeaux and it's amazing how much u can put in it! congrats chi!!
  15. :smile: like that size!!!! Does it hold an A4 (or magazine, or laptop?)???

    BTW, I am going to see the new collection today here in Brussels.