My new Medium Lily is...

  1. On Fed Ex vehicle for delivery!!! I hope I get her today. I can't wait! I ordered her a week ago. :yes:
  2. OMG, so is mine!! So excited!
  3. OMG, me too. MY FedEX man is usually here between 11:30am-12:15pm

    Let see who gets theirs first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I have a feeling it will be you. I'm leaving the house soon so pray for me that the apartment office is open to get my package or else I will have to wait...:tdown:
  5. She is HERE!

    I will have pictures in about 10 min. He came 4 min. ago, but I had to reset my internet because the signal keeps dropping.
  6. Can't wait to see!!
  7. Maja80

    I guess I am kind of lucky. FedEx doesn't deliver my packages to my Apt. office but the dist. center for FedEX and UPS is at the next light. If I know I will be really late I prefer they keep them so I can get them from the Dist. center after 6pm instead of waiting till morning for the office.

    She is a real beauty. I just took some picks and now I am going to get her big sister for some comparisons.
  8. I was just at Coach exchanging my new camel Leigh for a raisin Leigh (the had 1 in the store), and while I was there I had the check the status of my Lily. It arrived in Memphis today so the SA said it should be here either tomorrow or Monday! Yipee!

    CoachFreak, can't wait to see your pics!
  9. What was wrong with the camel was it to light in color? I have the leigh in junitper and love her ! Post pics when you get your mini lily and leigh. I am still up in the air about waiting so long for this camel colored med. lily and then what if I dont like the color. I have seen the legacy camel color it seems so nuetral!
  10. Can't wait for everyone's pics!

    Mine's still not here. She's being delivered to my work so she'll be here before 5 for sure. Ahhhh!!!!
  11. The camel was pretty, but it was light and I was afraid of it getting dirty, even though I'm pretty good with my bags. Plus, they've had that raisin Leigh in my store for about a week now, and everytime I go in I stare at it with drool running down my face. I really didn't think I liked the raisin until I saw the color IRL! I'll post pics of both bags as soon as I get my Lily!
  12. Med. lily just arrived. The bog she came in is HUGE. It was a little embarasing carrying her back to my desk. I'm going to open her up now, if I can.
  13. How exciting!!! Report on her ASAP!
  14. YEA!!

    I took tons of pictures and started my own thread. I look forward to seeing yours as well :smile:

    CONGRATS :tup:
  15. I picked up mine at the local store, I couldn't wait for FEDEX. When I arrived at the store, the SA's said they were salivating over the bag. First one to order in my area of Houston. She is gorgeous.