My new medium classic flap, with modeling pics + earrings


In Strassland...
Aug 14, 2007
I decided to return the bag I ordered from Bloomies when I found out about the Saks EGC event. Overall I wasn't happy with Bloomies customer service anyway and thinking I will get the 10% discount plus the $300 gift card, who cares. So I opened a Saks card from my Saks outlet store (my nearest Saks is 2hrs away and this outlet is close to my house), and ordered from Saks NY and got NO tax and 10% off. I also bought a pair of earrings to meet the $2000 requirement to get the $300 GC. I also got 10% on the earrings btw. So for less than what I paid at Bloomies, I got my bag (with a shinier caviar leather than the Bloomies one, I guess this is the old caviar??), a pair or earrings, and the $300GC. Bloomies charged me $25 shipping and TAX, plus I wasn't happy with their customer service. So here is my new medium classic flap in black caviar (pre-price increase $1995)...



Jan 29, 2006
very good deal. I've been wanting earrings like those for awhile now and seeing these has reignited the need for them..hahaha. Congrats on your new purchases and for getting a wonderful bargain on them both. :yahoo::P


Feb 25, 2007
Congrats on your new bag !I really like it over the other too-I saw your pics in the other thread-looks great on you and I love your earrings too!:tup: