My new medium Cambon Tote

  1. Heehee... :biggrin:

    I swear....after the Cambon and an accordian flap, I am done shopping for Chanel for a looooonng time unless I find a bargain :shame:

    I went to Neimans in Palo Alto yesterday to get the medium Cambon tote, I love how it's light and can carry my things. I noticed that they have no more displays of the one with the patent CCs. I prefer the calfskin CCs, the SA told me that's what they're going to have from now on. I also saw a beige camera bag with calfskin CCs.

    I am really happy now and need to find room in my closet for all the new members of my family :roflmfao:
    Chanel medium Cambon tote closeup watermarked (600 x 450).jpg Chanel medium Cambon tote with box (600 x 381).jpg Chanel medium Cambon tote watermarked (416 x 600).jpg
  2. That's a great sized tote. I like the black on black, very classic.
  3. Thanks...I can't wait to use it tomorrow when I go shopping! I am going to organize my stuff with the Purseket now. ;)
  4. This makes me feel better about the medium tote. It's the perfect size!
  5. honu, 0o0o0o loving your new chanel tote!!!! congrats!
  6. I love how it's the perfect size for me, I am 5' and tried on the large tote but it was too big.
  7. I'm 5'4 and I think the large tote would be too large for me too.
  8. Very pretty! Congrats!
  9. It looks great on you ~~ the black is very classic!
  10. Looks beautiful!
  11. Very cute!
  12. that looks very nce on you!!
    i can't wait to receive minee!
  13. It looks very nice on you.
  14. This is the one I want badly!!!!!!!looking for a sale or something - Enjoy your bag!!!
  15. Looks great on you! Have same one and looooooooove it!