My new medium/226 white 2.55 reissue handbag! YIPPEE!!

  1. thanks again to thegraceful1 for helping me to score this brand new 2.55 white chanel handbag. :flowers:

    i still can't believe bloomies had this brand new and at the price of $1995 (before the price increase). whoo hoo! :yahoo: i can't wait to use this, especially when i go to europe next month. i will be sure to bring outfits that will not stain it. :yes:

    speaking of staining - to those who own this bag, have you had any problems with color transfer from your clothes to this bag, like from jeans, or wearing something black? i think wearing black with this bag will be very chic, but not if there's going to be a color transfer problem.
    chanel2.55white226a.jpg chanel2.55white226b.jpg chanel2.55white226c.jpg
  2. Oh my, it is beautifulllll!:nuts: Congrats on getting this beauty, and with such great price too.:tup:
  3. thanks petals! i can't wait to take her out for a spin! it's very roomy surprisingly! i can already fit my wallet, keys, cell phone, and my glass case with no fussing!
  4. it's soo pretty!
  5. omg...i love your bag! i want one! congrats!
  6. OMG...congrats. You are so lucky. I'm glad you got the right one after getting nervous, it's hard sometimes when you buy something and it's not in front of you physically. Better yet, it's prior to the price increase. Have fun in Europe! =)
  7. Awww!! It's soo beautiful!! I want one too! Congrats!!
  8. soooooooooooooooo pretty, ooooh, I want this in the 227 size! So jealous :drool: Congrats!
  9. thanks ladies!

    shouldereyecandy: yes, i was definitely nervous partly because i found that a lot of the SAs that i would speak with would confuse the actual 2.55 handbags from 2005 with the timeless classic double-flap ones, which are almost the same except for the chain (it's the bijoux chain) and the size (they do not have a size 226 equivalent). it' wasn't until the SA mentioned the double Cs inside along with the "2.55" and "2005" markings that i knew for certain i was getting the exact bag i wanted. i guess it's good that i ask a lot of questions and the SA who sold me the bag was very nice and patient with me. :smile:

    i am looking forward to europe for sure! thanks! :flowers:

    iqaganda: you just got a light gold!!! :p
  10. SO NICE!!

    How would i be able to get one?!
  11. erm-chan: i was posting in the shopping forum, and started a thread "too late to get a 2.55 reissue in white" (something like that). thegraceful1 must have read my thread and pmed me that she saw one at the newly opened bloomingdales department store in south coast plaza (southern california). i called as soon as the store opened the next day and scored the handbag.
  12. congrats on a great score!! this bag looks perfect on you!! love the color

  13. Sounds like it is a perfect size for you ...and might be me too (l like to put lots of things inside my bag...hehe..) I still am dreaming of my reissue...and contemplating on which size to get. Enjoy your new goodie, and have fun in Europe!!!
  14. Your bag is absolutely gorgeous, you look great with it. Congrats. =)
  15. Very pretty congrats!!